Sunik Roofing's Superior Warranty

4 Reasons for Choosing Sunik Roofing’s Superior Warranty

A new roof is a great investment, but only if it comes with a warranty. We offer comprehensive coverage. Doing so will save you from costly repairs and will give you peace of mind. Here is what our superior warranty offers:

1. Our warranty covers costly repairs.

Avoid “original cost” and “pro-rated” warranties. Although their price tag may attract you, they often fail to cover the full costs of repairs. Favour our “no-dollar limit” warranties – they insure you for all types of damage. You won’t have to pay a thing, no matter how major the repair work.

2. Check that you’re insured against product defects – our warranty does.

Investing in a warranty that also protects you against manufacturing faults is essential. After all, you shouldn’t have to take responsibility for the manufacturer’s mistakes. Watch out for “leak-only” warranties – they’ll cover leaks but not other damages like deteriorating shingles.

3. We are willing to correct deficiencies.

Individual contractors offer their own warranties for any damage they may cause. Remember though, if they go out of business, you’ll no longer be protected.

4. Our warranties are completely transferrable.

Homeowners sometimes change their roof before selling their home to increase the value of their property. When sellers transfer their warranty, the new owner is often only protected for two to five years. Our warranty can be fully transfered to future buyers.

Roofing Contractors in Calgary with the Best Warranty

Now that you know what to look for when shopping for a warranty contact us. Not only do our contractors install quality roofs, but we also provide the best warranties in town. Here’s what we offer:

We cover two million dollars’ worth of damage, so you can be sure your belongings and house are safe.

If your roof needs repairing because of deficiencies, we pay the bill.

Our warranty is simple and contains barely any “ifs” or “buts.”

We happily transfer your entire warranty over to new owners when you sell your house.

If you’d like to find out about our roofing contractors’ services, our roofing products, or our warranties, contact our Calgary team today. We’re here to protect your family, belongings, and house with the best roofing warranty available.

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