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5 Most Common Mistakes With Calgary Eavestrough Installations

Installing eavestroughs seems like a fairly straightforward job, and many homeowners decide to tackle it themselves. While this is not necessarily a bad idea, the project is a lot more complicated than it seems and improperly installed eavestroughs can’t adequately do their job of protecting your home from water damage. Consider these five common Calgary eavestrough installation mistakes.

1. Installing Eavestroughs with an Incorrect Pitch

Eavestroughs need a slight pitch to allow water to flow properly. Too little can lead to overflowing, too much can cause less effective drainage. Calculating the proper pitch is a crucial part of the Calgary eavestrough installation process.

2. Choosing the Wrong Kind of Eavestroughs for Roofing Calgary

It can be overwhelming to consider the options for eavestroughs because there are so many available. You’ll want to choose one that’s the best material, the right size, and the appropriate gauge. Calgary roofing companies offer expert advice about which eavestroughs are right for your home.

3. Using Too Many Seams During Calgary Eavestrough Installation

Seams are the weakest part of your eavestrough system. Homeowners often use more seams than necessary, resulting in eavestroughs that are more likely to give way under cold, heat, and water damage.

4. Spacing Eavestrough Hangers Too Far Apart

Hangers connect eavestroughs to Calgary roofing; they provide support for the entire structure. Hangers spaced too far apart can cause the eavestroughs to sag or pull away from the roof during heavy rains or extreme weather.

5. Wrongly Positioning Calgary Eavestroughs

Homeowners often hang eavestroughs right on the edge of Calgary roofing, but this is incorrect placement. The eavestroughs should run a couple of inches below the roof line. When placed too high, water can run behind the eavestroughs.

Avoiding these common installation mistakes helps your eavestrough system work properly and last longer. Contact Calgary roofing companies to schedule eavestrough installation for a proper job that helps you avoid problems later.

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