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5 Questions to Ask When You Are Looking at Calgary Roofing Companies

Is it time to repair or replace a damaged roof on your home? There are many reasons you might consider hiring a roofing company, but be sure to do your research if you’re ready to do so because not all companies are equal. Ask these five questions when you’re looking at Calgary roofing companies.

1. Does Your Roofing Company have a Local Office?

Some roofing companies work out of a truck. While they may perform decent work, it may be difficult to find them if there’s a problem. A Calgary roofing company that has a local office is more professional and a better choice.

2. Is Your Calgary Company Licensed and Insured?

Your home is a significant investment, so make sure it’s protected when you need asphalt roofing by working with a licensed and insured company. Licensing shows the company has the expertise for the job, and insurance protects you from damage or injury that may occur during the project.

3. Do You Provide a Warranty for an Asphalt Roof?

Sometimes damage occurs to your new asphalt roofing; without a warranty, you’re left to deal with fixing or replacing the roof again. Ask the company what kind of warranty they provide and read through the contract carefully.

4. Can You Give Me Homeowner References?

Calgary roofing companies should have no problem providing references from past customers. Once you have a list of references, contact them to make sure they were happy with the work and ask if they had any problems.

5. Do Calgary Roofing Companies Provide Written Estimates?

You need an accurate, detailed estimate so you know exactly what you’re getting and can compare bids. The estimate should include a timeline and payment procedures.

Use these five questions to help you find a Calgary roofing company you can depend on to get the job done the right way.

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