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How to Care for Your Roof This Spring

Springtime is here, and while that means the sun is coming out, and the grass is growing, your roof is going to go through a lot. The ice melting and the rise of warmer weather means you are going to have to put some work into caring for your roof this spring.

7 Simple Roofing Tips For The Springtime

  1. Clean Your Gutters
    Your gutters are going to go through a lot during springtime. The melting ice, the debris and the overload of gunk are going to make it a little messy. Cleaning your gutters is going to help you maintain your roof, ensuring water flows off it with no problems.
  2. Inspect The Condition Of Your Shingles
    Shingles are also known as roofing tiles, and having them secure and reliable throughout spring is essential. Take a step back from your home and see how they are holding up. They give you an indication if any roof replacement or roof repair services.
  3. Check For Any Flashing Damage
    Your flashing is used to stop any water leaking into your home. It resides between the shingles of your roof and your ceiling. Bring in a roofing company in Calgary to check the condition of your flashing so it’s safe during springtime.   
  4. If You Have An Attic, Check It
    For those with an attic, there is always a chance that leaks could be occurring inside. Take the time out to inspect your attic and see if any holes or issues.
  5. If There Are Damages, Repair It
    There is always a chance your roof could be damaged after the crazy winter months – and you might not know it either! If you suspect that you need in roof repairs in spring, get it worked on by a roofing company in Calgary.
  6. Get Rid Of Any Moss Or Mold
    If you let moss and mold out for too long, you could find yourself in a spot of bother with it infesting your roof. Make sure that you clean it.
  7. Check Your Downspouts
    A lot of the time people do not check their downspouts, and it is a vital component to the flow of water around their roof. Double check and make sure it is appropriately connected to your connect and flows correctly.

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