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Can I Replace My Roof in the Winter?

Replacing your roof is daunting at any time of year. Most people get the work done in the spring, summer or fall. In the winter, snow, ice and freezing temperatures can make roof work seem untenable. However, you can definitely schedule a full roof replacement in Calgary this winter. For the best results, just keep these simple tips in mind throughout the process.

Tips To Getting A Roof Replacement in Calgary in Winter 

Get Winter Roof Replacement in Calgary by Caring for the Shingles

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One reason people get anxious about doing a roof replacement in Calgary during the winter is the integrity of the shingles. Asphalt shingles are best installed when the temperature is above freezing. This is because the shingles are prone to cracking and breaking when handled at colder temperatures. This problem also exists with fibreglass and shakes. Fortunately, this problem can be circumvented when you work with an experienced Calgary roofing company. As long as the shingles are stored in warm areas prior to installation, then they will probably be fine.

Replace Your Roof in Winter with Proper Sealing

Typically, roofing shingles are installed with a sealant that is thermally activated. In other words, the shingles adhere to the roof through the power of sunlight. This is a slow process that can take several weeks in the spring or summer. In the winter, this becomes a bit more difficult. Fortunately, if you work with the right Calgary roofing company, there will be alternative sealants available. Instead, your roof might be sealed by hand with each shingle. This may take a little extra time, but it yields much better results in the winter when the sun can be scarce.

Plan Roof Replacement Around the Weather

Even with special considerations, it is best to schedule the work around the weather. While there are compensations for the temperature, it is much harder to adjust for snow or ice. Therefore, always look at the weather forecast and try to find a time when there are several clear days. It is also best to schedule the work when there is not snow sitting on the roof. This can expedite the process.

Save Money by Getting a Roof Replacement in Winter 

While there are obstacles to overcome in the winter, there are also advantages. Since roofing companies have less work to do in the winter, they may be willing to offer you better rates. Because of this, you may be able to get the new roof you need at a better price. Needless to say, a roof replacement can be the right choice for your home this winter.

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