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Can You Do Roof Repair In Winter?

As you know, the winter season is one of the worst times for getting your roof repaired. You have to deal with snow/ice, strong winds, and freezing temperatures. But if your roof has extensive damage, you may be in desperate need of repairs. So can repairs actually be done during the winter?

Winter Repairs are Possible

The short answer is that winter repairs are definitely possible. It’s highly recommended that you get your roof repaired during the spring if it’s not an emergency. But if you have roof damage that’s severe or can lead to extensive repair costs, you want it repaired as soon as possible.

It’s important to work with the company that repairs have to be done under the right conditions. It must not be rainy, snowy, or too cold. This means you have to pay attention to weather forecasts and find the right time to undergo repairs.

It’s also possible that repairs may take longer than usual due to fluctuating weather conditions. Sometimes the weather can be volatile, preventing the contractors from doing the necessary work. It’s a good idea to ask the contractor how long the repairs will take.

Workers with snow shovels carry out winter cleaning of roof of building from snow and ice

If you have roof damage but you’re unsure if repairs are necessary at this time, you should at least get a Calgary roofing company to come in and give your roof a proper inspection. Even if the damage isn’t serious, the winter weather conditions can lead to further damage that will cost you more later.

Hire a Company that Knows Winter Repairs

You have to handle winter roof repairs differently. You need to hire a Calgary roofing company that has done these repairs before or specializes in emergency winter repairs. There are various things that these companies will do.

For one, they will probably use tarps to protect your roof while it’s undergoing repairs. These tarps will protect your roof from moisture and freezing that results from rain and snow. They will also use caulking for sealing shingles since the cold weather will prevent the immediate seal between shingles.

You also need to understand that winter roof repairs are very dangerous. There is a big risk of injury due to the slippery surfaces. That’s why some companies will not do winter repairs. So when you do find a company that does, make sure they have sufficient insurance to cover employees, your family, and the home.

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