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Education for Alberta Apprenticeships and Journeymen Roofers (part 3)

At my first meeting I was very nervous, I was now on the PAC with some of the largest roofing companies in the province! Bob James was still the Chairman and my first comment to him was “We had better roll up our sleeves and get at it since this is government and nothing is done overnight, we have a long way to go and a short time to get there.”

Bob and all of the other members were very helpful and supportive in creating content for the sloped roofing portion of the program. After 3 years we had the sloped portion of the program at 33%. With the content now being relevant Sunik and other AARA members began supporting the program by sending their employees to school.

In 1997 Bob James and I had to scramble to get enough support to have just 1 class in Calgary, but by 2000 we were up to 3 classes in Calgary and 4 in Edmonton and would soon be in need of an additional teacher.

The Government Manager at the time was Ed Braun. He was awesome to work with and very knowledgable. He told me that the PAC would rely on me for the sloped content portion as I was by far the most experienced sloped roofer on the PAC. After my three years were up Ed asked me if I would stay on for two more years to which I agreed. That would bring my term to 5 years…

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