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Education for Alberta Apprenticeships and Journeymen Roofers (part 4)

The last 2 years were hectic. We had to hire another teacher as the program was in high demand. As a result of this we started to see waiting lists. We also revamped the final exams for year 1 and 2.

After 5 years, my time on the PAC was coming to an end. My partner Lowell McNichol continued to serve on the PAC for 5 years and my son, Nicholas Sims is presently in his 3rd year. By the time he completes his five year term on the PAC Sunik will have contributed 15 consecutive years to the Provincial Apprenticeship Committee.

Sunik has also sponsored 14 apprentices, 10 which have become Certified Journeymen Roofers and continues to do so.

I am proud to have contributed my time to the committee and tip my hat to all the hard working volunteers who have made our program one of the best in Canada.

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