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Education for Alberta Apprenticeships and Journeymen Roofers (part two)

In 1998 on behalf of the AARA (Alberta Allied Roofing Association), Ron Hillman, the Chair of the Association and myself (President at that time) attended a meeting with PAC in Edmonton. Our purpose was to request more Sloped Roofing content to the program as our AARA members consisted of mostly sloped roofers. There was a consensus among our members that if the program had a significant amount of sloped roofing content our Association would support the program.

It was a good meeting. The PAC was represented by 7 or 8 of the Flat Roofing companies in Alberta. The Chair, at that time, was Bob James presently of Tru-Craft Roofing. Bob is a great guy and very passionate about roofing. He also understood how PAC worked. While he was sympathetic to our request he stated that “This is the Government and nothing is done overnight”. That meeting ended on a very positive note.

A few months later I found out that a seat for employers had become vacant on the PAC. I threw my hat into the ring and was accepted for a 3 year term. The following spring was the first of many trips to Edmonton for PAC meetings. My main goal was to increase the content of sloped roofing in the criteria…

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