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Education for Alberta Apprenticeships and Journeymen Roofers

Alberta has a voluntary apprenticeship program for roofers, unlike electricians or pipefitters etc, where apprenticeship is manditory. The program began at SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) in Calgary in the 1960’s. The program then expanded to NAIT in Edmonton in the early 1980’s to include the entire province.

SAIT also offers a mobile class that travels to Calgary & other major centres where there is a demand.

The program is a combination of class room and on the job training. The class runs six weeks per year for 3 years. On the job training requires a minimum number of hours to be worked for the annual credit. The Apprentice would have a Journeyman to guide a teach them on the job.

Originally the flat roofing industry supported this program and most of the criteria was geared toward flat roofing applications, however this has greatly improved….

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