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Euroshield Roofing Costs in Calgary

Euroshield Calgary roofing costs

When it comes to the roof of your house, there is nothing more essential to have than solid and sustainable material that will protect your home. Finding the right roofing materials that are suitable for your roof and effective in combatting outside factors is a challenge. A standout choice to contemplate getting is Euroshield materials that can sustain weather extremities and are designed to impersonate more expensive shingles like wooden and cedar. Such expansive and lucrative roofing can be easily found at any Calgary roofing store and will be exceedingly excellent in protecting your roof and home. 

Uncover all the details you will want to learn about Euroshield roofing, how it compares to other materials and the estimate of how much it will cost to install. 

What is Euroshield roofing?

Euroshield roofing was created more than 20 years prior, where it has been established as an environmentally friendly alternative to roofing materials. Euroshield materials are made from recycled rubber and can be easily modified to suit the aesthetic of your home. Whatever form of roof you want to be emulated can be accomplished using this versatile recycled rubber material. 

How does it compare?

While Euroshield roofing materials will be more expensive than Asphalt upfront, it’s also less than expensive, or just as, as other materials like cedar shakes and metal. Additionally, this rubber material is more environmentally friendly than asphalt and is much safer to walk on than most roofing materials. Such safety will come in handy when a minor roof repair is needed or when you clean your gutters out before winter arrives. Euroshield provides rubber roofing materials that are made to last. Unlike asphalt, which typically has a 10-20 year lifespan, Euroshield rubber can last twice as long.


All homes need a roof that looks good without comprising the protection of the structure of a house. Euroshield roofing will provide protective measures that will prove more than sufficient for any homeowner. When installed correctly, a rubber roof can withstand weather extremities of all sorts, including hailstones that are larger than a golf ball and winds that escalate up to 110 mph. 

More so, Euroshield roofing is fire resistant and is even able to withstand lightning strikes without enduring damage. Because of its rubber material, this type of roof will be able to endure a variety of hazardous external forces while effectively protecting the home. 


The cost of Euroshield roofing is, on average, between $9 and $14. These prices apply within the Calgary area as well. The prices to install rubber roofing onto your roof will expand when you begin to factor in hiring contractors to assist you in the roofing application process. The cost of hired labour will vary depending on the extent of the work involved, roof accessibility and height, and your home’s location. To ascertain more information on the costs of a Euroshield roof and the installment price, contact your nearest roofing Calgary company to acquire relevant information of interest to you. 

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