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How to Maintain Your Roof During the Autumn Season

Roofing in Calgary during the fall season 

The autumn season is the part of the year when leaves fall from the trees, and your property becomes vibrant with colours. Although it is a beautiful season, it’s time to do everything you can to maintain your roof before the weather cools down. The roof is the most sensitive part of our house, so we must protect it as much as possible during all times of the year, and autumn is no exception to this rule. 

Find out what maintenance tips you can follow to protect your roof during the fall, just in time before winter’s wrath damages your roofing in Calgary

Remove leaves

Sooner or later, you will need someone to go to the roof and clean the leaves, or leaves and debris will eventually accumulate and cause damage to your roof. Cleaning all the leaves on the roof using a rake is possible, so you can avoid going on top of the roof yourself. The last thing you would want to happen is for leaves to block the gutters, resulting in moisture gathering around your roof and eventually causing leaks that will impact the interior of your home and its entire structural integrity. 

Check for signs of wear and tear

The roof is like any other part of the house because it ages and will endure wear and tear over time. When the damage on your roof becomes overt, you should obtain help from a roofing Calgary company for roofing repairs unless you already know the basics of roof repair and replacement. To do this, you will need to use a ladder and go to the top of your house. Better be sure the ladder is not slippery, even if you recently used it, as safety is your top priority. Even if you are confident it is in good condition, you should still have it inspected, as not everything is what it seems, and damages can be hard to detect.

Clean gutters

You should always check your gutters for any signs of buildup not only by leaves but other foreign objects too. Gutter build-up could cause floods inside the home or severe damage to the pipes if left untouched during the fall and winter. Cleaning the gutters and avoiding leaks will reduce the chances of your home suffering from moisture damage and a strong smell of mildew and mould permeating into the house. To spend less time cleaning your gutters, you might want to consider installing a gutter guard. 

Roofing in Calgary
A homeowner cleaning their gutters

Schedule an inspection

It is impossible to be familiar with every part of your roof, so you should leave the inspection to the experts. Hence, it is better to hire a good roofing company to inspect your roof as they are equipped with all the needed materials that can complete this task promptly and efficiently. It would be best to schedule an inspection once a year as you would not want any problems to build up.

Remove low-lying branches

These branches can have a drastic effect on your roof when it is winter. Autumn is when it gets a bit windy, so you better check out your roof now and then and see if there are low-lying branches or missing shingles. You can prevent this type of damage by inviting tree trimming experts to trim your trees while the winds lack potentially hazardous strength.

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