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How to Properly Care for Your Eavestroughs In Winter

There are many elements to your roof. The shingles and the flashing are essential for keeping water out of your home, but you also need proper gutters and eavestroughs. These elements of your roof are designed to help direct the flow of water. This ensures that water is safely collected for proper run off away from your home’s foundation. 

Given the critical role the eavestrough plays on your roof, it is important to invest in care and maintenance. This is especially important in the winter. Here is what you need to know about caring for your eavestroughs during the winters in Calgary.

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Get the Right Supplies for Your Roof

First of all, you need to prepare your eavestroughs for winter by having the right tools on hand. Most people know they need to clear snow from their sidewalks and driveway, but you also need to clear snow and ice from your gutters. You will need an extendable ladder to have access to your eavestrough. You should also make sure you have rubber gloves and other winter gear to keep yourself warm and safe during the cleaning process. Another great tool is a gutter scoop. This scoop will clear debris or snow from the gutter and keep it running smoothly. A child’s plastic shovel can work as an alternative.

Invest in a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Another essential part of maintaining your eavestroughs is regular cleaning. You should not wait until there is a problem with your gutters. Instead, routinely clean the area to make sure that nothing is obstructing the flow of water. To clean your eavestroughs, work systematically around your house. Scoop out debris as you go, and spend extra time on your downspouts. This should clear your eavestrough of major debris. Smaller debris can then be flushed out with water. In the winter, be sure to clear out snow before it can build up. Built-up snow can cause an ice dam. These dams can cause water to pool on your roof and seep beneath your shingles.

Have Repairs Done in a Timely Fashion

If you notice there are problems with water flow, then set about repairs quickly. Damage to your eavestroughs can affect the rest of your roof and home. If you cannot handle the repairs on your own, feel free to call a roofing company in Calgary.

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