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How to Tell When it is Time To Replace Your Calgary Roof |

A leak in your ceiling is a good indication of a problem with your roof. But there are many factors that determine whether it’s better to repair the existing roof or replace it with a new one. If you are facing that decision, here are some ways you can tell it’s time for a roof replacement.

The Age of the Existing Roof

Roofs only last so long. The typical lifespan of a roof is 20 to 25 years; if your roof is older than that then it’s probably time to call Calgary roofing companies to replace it

Calgary Roofing Shingles Buckling or Curling

Shingles that buckle or curl are likely past their life expectancy. Occasionally, this indicates a defective roof. Heat being trapped in your attic and poor ventilation are the cause of curling shingles. If there is additional heat on the bottom of the shingle, that causes them to wear prematurely.  

Roof Valleys Missing Shingles

Valleys are an important area of your roof because snow and rain to flow down them into the gutters. Missing or damaged shingles in valleys increases the risk of leaks and means you probably need a roof replacement.

Missing Shingles Point to a Roof Replacement

Although the valleys are particularly important, missing shingles anywhere on the roof could be a sign that it’s time to replace your Calgary roofing. Your property will look much better when your roof is in tact.

Shingle Granules in the Gutter

Watch for shingle granules when you clean your gutters. As shingles age, they tend to lose more granules, so if your gutters are full of them, talk to a Calgary roofing company about replacing the roof.

Daylight Coming Through Roof Boards

Walk through your attic on a sunny day and watch for daylight coming through the roof boards. You can also check the insulation for signs of moisture. Moisture can cause a number of other problems for your home.

Talk to Calgary Roofing Companies

If you aren’t sure whether you need to repair or replace your roof, talk to the experts at Calgary roofing companies. They can examine your roof, answer your questions, and discuss your options.

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