Step: 1

If your roof was damaged by a major storm event (eg. shingles blown off, hail damage to shingles, etc.), contact your home insurance company immediately. Each insurance company has different insurance policies, have different definitions of catastrophic storm events (e.g. sustained winds over approximately 130 km/h, or hail stones over a certain size). This is the guideline that insurance companies use to determine whether you are covered for roof damage resulting from severe weather. One way to determine if you have damage due to hail is to look at your downspouts, fascia or any other metal on your home. If there are small dents there is a good probability your roof also has damage. Your first step is to call your insurer for an assessment. They may ask you to have a roofing company assess it. We are also capable of guiding you and assessing whether we believe you have hail damage and can write an estimate while we are there.  Sunik Roofing is a preferred insurance installer.