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Roof Maintenance – Spring Check-Up List

Spring has sprung in Calgary! It is a good time to start thinking about summer showers and the health and well being of your roof. It is never a good idea to take your roof for granted. It has kept you dry and warm all winter long and it is easy to forget about maintaining your roof, considering it is ‘way up there and basically out of sight. However a little preventative maintenance can increase the life of your roof/shingles and insure that you stay snug and dry throughout the year.

Here are some tips to help do just that:

– Remove any debris from the roof such as leaves, pine needles etc. They hold moisture and can greatly reduce the life of your roof
– Check for cracked or dry caulking. Only use approved products as the wrong kind of caulking can literally eat through a shingle.
– Look for damaged or missing shingles and/or for nails that may have popped up.
– Check the flashing for bends or lifted areas
– Remove debris from rain gutters and check the downspouts for clogs.

Always follow safe roofing practices when maintaining your roof and be sure to use a sturdy ladder. The wrong ladder or one that is improperly set up can be very dangerous and end up in a fall.

Remember safety is of utmost importance so if you are uncomfortable doing it yourself, give us a call and Team Sunik can do it for you. We can help!

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