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Sunik Roofing Has Gone to the Dogs!

I have always been a dog lover, ever since my first love, “Carny” at age 5.  I found him in a horse stall at an agriculture building at a carnival in Hanover, Ontario.  Just a black mutt, one of a large

litter, she was nothing special but it was love at first sight for me. My Dad let me have the pup and I was in heaven. I have had 5 dogs in the last 50 years. I loved them all and they all taught me different lessons.

“Dixie Chicken” was my latest dog. Dixie was a German Shepard and a Calgary Pet Planet City Disc Dog Champion in 2003, and world contender in Atlanta Georgia Skyhhoundz World Championship in 2005.

Bringing Dixie to work with me every day I knew it was only a matter of time until an employee asked if she could bring her dog to work also. I knew it would set precedence; so Sunik Roofing officially turned our roofing offices into a “dog friendly work place” in 2007.

As Sunik grew so did the dog population and by 2012 we had up to 12  4-legged friends at work on any given day. We had a 6-pound Multi Pom, and a 150 lb. Labrador, Pit-Bull/Staffordshire mixes and Heinz 57’s. Pups and old dogs combined, having dogs in the work place has been a marvelous experience.

Watching them interact, and play is very entertaining. All of them have different personalities. They greet us all day long as we come and go and I have heard visitors to Sunik say that they love the atmosphere here because it is just like home.

Over the years our 4 legged friends and I have developed a ritual, and this is one of my most favorite parts of the day! When I arrive at work the pups get all lined up, they usually stake out an area as I go up the staircase to my office. I then toss dog treats by the hand full from the balcony down into the lobby, and it is a mad scramble each dog competing for the treats, it is a great way to start the day it creates a team spirit.

Most all of the visitors, customers and suppliers that come to Sunk have mentioned how they enjoy coming here and meeting the pack.  Many bring treats and some bring their pups to visit with ours.

It is amazing how well they all get along together, there is the odd squabble but mostly they all figure out the pecking order.  No one has ever been bitten and they are a good pack/team all in all.

We also have a roofer who has been bringing his dog “Booboo” to the rooftop for 14 years. She does not do steep slopes but is quite comfortable on lower pitched roofs. She brings smiles to those that see her. As do they all.

You would think that delivering the mail to Sunik would be a mail carriers’ nightmare. Not so, our mail lady shows up with a pocket full of treats and she has her own special Sunik K-9 fan club.

We have a dog wall of fame, pictures of all our dogs past and present, a hand full of customer’s pets, and friends have also added their dogs to the wall. Our customers love that Sunik has gone to the dogs!

Dogs in the work place make a great atmosphere, our team members are happier with their K-9 friends at work with them. They make us smile and laugh and are a welcome addition at break time. They also tend to lower our overall stress, keep spirits high, promote walking and a general sense of well-being.

Sunik Roofing Has Gone to the Dogs and we love it!

Nick Sims ©

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