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Sunik’s Superior Warranties

Most homeowners fail to understand that once they have signed the contract they are responsible for regularly maintaining their roof. Every labor warranty stipulates that the roof requires periodic maintenance to keep the warranty in full force and effect. This is the most overlooked portion of residential roof warranty.

On shingled roofs this means at minimum an inspection every 2-3 years, good records must be kept of the inspections and the repairs performed, debris removed on a regular basis, and general maintenance must be performed.

Studies have shown that a properly maintained roof can last roughly double the time of a roof that is not maintained.

The bad news is that very few Alberta roofing companies [if any] offer a maintenance package; this puts the burden of proof of maintenance on you should you have a claim.

Some roofing companies offer a 5, 10 or 15-year labor warrantee, but offer no maintenance. Setting the consumer up to be turned down on any warrantee issues.

Now for the good news Sunik roofing has got you covered. We offer a maintenance program, and keep all records. We have been maintaining our roofs and honoring our warrantees for over 27 years, this includes content, in the event that your roof leaks, due to poor workmanship causing damage, if under our warrantee we pick up the bill for repairs,

Sunik has no exclusion for the amount of the damage we will cover.

Our warrantee is simple to read, and is not designed to get out of our commitments but to honor them.

Need a new roof? Make the safe choice. Give Sunik Roofing a call and see why we have been chosen as Southern Alberta’s top service provider for six consecutive years, as well as our BBB Ethics Award, and A+ rating.

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