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The Benefits and Disadvantages of Cedar Roofing

The benefits and disadvantages of cedar roofing in Calgary

Choosing a new roofing material to install on your home’s most protective feature is a decision that ultimately takes some thought and time. The options are varied, and each material has its merits and disadvantages. A popular choice among homeowners is the cedar roof, which has a compellingly rustic appearance that will improve the appeal of any home. Cedar roofing in Calgary will offer any home an enhancement of value, and many other roofing materials emulate the appearance because of its popularity and renowned natural look. But much like any roofing material, cedar has its pros and cons, which should be thoroughly evaluated before purchase. 

Determine if cedar roofing in Calgary is right for your home by thoroughly weighing out the pros and cons of this roofing material. 


Cedar roofing is a compelling material that is a complementary addition to any home. Its timeless and natural appearance will vastly increase your home’s curb appeal and give it a unique appearance. When you install cedar roofing onto your home, its vintage surfacing can transform it and help you customize the exterior that is often overlooked during a home remodelling. 

An example of a home with cedar roofing


According to renovation professionals, cedar roofing is one of the materials that is explicitly known to be durable, which will prove to be useful for homeowners seeking a complete roof replacement that is long-lasting. Cedar is often regarded as one of the most durable wooden materials and will not only increase your roof in appearance but strength as well. A cedar roof will be able to withstand extreme weather conditions, such as hail and snow, without sustaining costly damages where a roof replacement is necessary. More so, cedar can be moisture resistant and will not fade from its exposure to UV rays. Furthermore, cedar wood is also fire-resistant and fungus-resistant, cementing its extensive stability.


Cedar roofing acts as a natural insulator when installed on the house and will serve in properly regulating the temperatures within your home. Cedar will add a protective layer to a home that will completely prevent cold air from escaping during the hot summer days and warm air from eluding the home during the frigid winter months. Because you will be using your heating and cooling systems less with a perfectly insulated home, due in part to cedar shingles, you will notice an overt decrease in your energy bill. 


You will notice that cedar shingles can work on an array of different style homes and will remain suitable for these varied styles. This makes the cedar shingles one of the most versatile roofing materials because of their innate ability to blend well onto any home, whether it be a victorian style home or a contemporary bungalow. Cedar roofing in Calgary will simply perfectly fit into any home, no matter the aesthetic and architectural structure. 


Although a cedar roof supplies an abundance of benefits to any home, there are a few disadvantages that need to be considered. One of the disadvantages associated with cedar shingles is the high price, as they are one of the more high-end roofing materials that anyone could buy. More so, cedar roofing will need to be maintained relatively regularly to ensure its longevity. You will need to keep debris off your roof to prevent moss and mould growth that can accelerate its deterioration.  

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