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The Best Roofing to Install for the Summer

The Best Roofing in Calgary to Install for the Summer

Replacing your roof is as extensive as it is important. The roof plays a pivotal role for any home as it secures the entire home, its interior, exterior, and structure and maintaining it should be a top priority for any homeowner. After years of wear and tear and damaged shingles and when these damages become visible, you should begin the roof replacement process. New roofing can allow you to choose a material that will be optimal for your home’s aesthetics and the climate within your location. The variety of roofing materials is so vast that you can select a material best suited for the summer season and perfect for installing in a warm climate. 

New roofing in Calgary can allow you to acquire roofing materials perfect for the sweltering summer season and determine which one is best for you!


Whether you live in a hot climate or preparing for a harsh winter is necessary, slate is a versatile and adaptable option for any weather. When you install light-coloured slate roofing onto your house, it can contribute to keeping your home cool during the warmest days as it reflects heat away instead of attracting it. Additionally, a slate roof will prove to be aesthetically pleasing and sustain any type of weather extremities, from the heat and winter’s wrath due to its durability. 


Rubber roofing is an inexpensive roofing alternative that will protect your house with its ability to withstand a large number of weather extremities. Rubber is popular as it can emulate the appearance of slate and cedar at half the cost and is made from recycled materials—making this material environmentally friendly as well. Rubber can also insulate your home, keeping it cool during particularly warm days.

Terra cotta

Terra cotta and clay materials have been popular choices for hot climates around the world because of their unique appearance. Terra cotta will be able to hold out against the hot summer rays without being damaged. Its distinct tile pattern prevents the warm air and water from accumulating and alleviates any heat from the roof. 


Concrete is known for being cool to the touch and is the perfect material to utilize when you’re replacing your roof. Because concrete is so heavy, it takes a long period for it to heat up, making them suitable for any climate that is exposed to intense sun rays. Concrete can also be visually appealing and is also fire resistant, and it is the exact material that is needed for all homeowners seeking roofing in Calgary that will effectively protect a home in a myriad of ways. 

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