Cedar Shingles

What Are Shingles Made Of?

It is easy to take the roof over your head for granted. As long as it keeps you warm and dry, what else do you need to worry about? The answer may surprise you. The type of roofing materials you use can make a huge difference. 

Therefore, learn about the different materials used to make shingles before you speak to a Calgary roofing company

Traditional Shingles Are Made of Wood

Shingles have been used on roofs for years. Traditionally, these shingles would be crafted from wood. The wood would be cut into squares or blocks. These squares would then be affixed in rows on the roof to provide protection and water flow. While different types of wood can be used, durable and attractive choices like cedar are often preferred. Cedar shingles are great for their insulating effect, and they are surprisingly durable in all weather contexts.

Wooden roof Shingle texture

Other Shingles Can Be Made from Metal

Some people want something that is stronger than wood, which is why metal shingles were created. Metal is certainly not the most popular option. It is often more expensive, and it can attract heat. Metal shingles can also be quite noisy. However, a higher quality metal will provide added strength that can appeal to some homeowners. Such shingles are especially popular in areas prone to extreme weather.

Modern Shingles May Be Crafted from Composite Materials

Most homes now have shingles made from composite materials. This includes cement fiber and asphalt. Asphalt shingles are exceedingly common in much of North America. These shingles are popular because they are affordable and durable. However, the quality of the composite can vary widely. Many asphalt shingles are poorly constructed, which means they will not weather well on your home. This is why most people choose to upgrade from their standard composite shingles to something better like cedar shingles.

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