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What is Asphalt Roll Roofing?

There are many different types of roofing in Calgary because there are many different uses for roofs. We have to be knowledgeable in several different types of roofing to complete our job effectively. One of the materials we regularly use is asphalt roll roofing, which we will look at in more depth today.

What is Asphalt Roll Roofing in Calgary?

Asphalt roll roofing is a type of asphalt roofing. You have likely seen this asphalt roll roofing on buildings throughout Calgary, such as barns, garages, work sheds, commercial buildings, warehouses and more. This material requires a low-slope roof pitch for installation, which makes it ideal for commercial structures. The construction of this roofing material is coming up.

What Makes Asphalt Roll Roofing?

Typically, a fibreglass mat is the basis for asphalt roll roofing. This mat is durable, lightweight and easy to produce. Additionally, the mat is saturated with asphalt, which is a form of petroleum pitch. Finally, the sticky strips are covered on one side with a face of granular stone aggregate.

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Asphalt roll roofing in Calgary is typically black. This is a side effect of the asphalt, which gives it this dark appearance. As well, it is worth noting that you can use the fibreglass mat/ asphalt material without the granular stone aggregate face. Usually, we do this when using the material as an underlayment and not a complete roofing system.

Why Would You Use Asphalt Roll Roofing in Calgary?

As we mention above, our typical use for this roofing material is a commercial roofing system. We can apply it quickly by heating the asphalt. First, we cut it into thin strips and then apply it upwards from the bottom of the roof. However, the advantages of asphalt roll roofing are not limited to its easy installation.

Indeed, the material is thinner, making it easier to handle, and cheaper, encouraging the purchase from keen roof owners. Additionally, it comes in rolls measuring 100 square feet, which makes it a great bulk application as well. There are a few minor disadvantages to the material, such as the relatively short life span, about 5-8 years. As well, there is a lack of colour options, but when you compare these disadvantages to all the benefits, it is still a very popular product.

Overall, asphalt roll roofing is a popular, utilitarian roofing material with many functions in the wide world of roofing in Calgary. To learn more, give our team of majestic roofing contractors a call today!

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