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My Roof is Leaking–What Should I Do?

Home is viewed as an impregnable sanctuary, where your roof, whether the roofing consists of asphalt or metal, is a secure fixture. The security of a home can be sullied when your roof begins to leak, and the threat of water damage will soon follow. Once your home is exposed to natural elements, like rain or snow, moisture can easily make its way into your home and lead to structural damage of your house. Because of the threat of water damage, you should act on a roof leak as soon as you can. 

Here are the steps to take once you notice a leak from your roof. 

Signs of a leak

Before your roof begins to leak explicitly, a few telltale signs will warn you a leak is bound to happen sooner rather than later. If you notice dark spots on your ceiling, areas where your ceiling is sagging, and spots where the light from outside shines through, a roof leak could be incoming.

On the exterior, you should take note if your metal, wooden, or asphalt roofing looks damaged. If shingles are missing, rotting, or broken, and if your gutters are clogged, a leak could potentially begin in your home momentarily. 

Move your belongings 

As soon as you notice your roof is leaking into your home, it would help if you protected your belongings from retaining water damage by moving them to a more secure area. Make sure the area that will endure the most water from the leak is clear of furniture, electronics, and anything else that can get potentially damaged or destroyed. 

Contain leak

Once you have moved your belongings out of the way, you should contain the water entering your home with towels, a bucket, or garbage cans to catch the water entering your home. This will help minimize the damage that the leak can cause to your floors. Trap the water as best you can with whatever objects you have at your disposal, and be sure to have backup containers that will catch the water in case of overflow. 

Relieve pressure 

When your roof begins to leak, you may notice a peculiar bulge hanging from your ceiling. This bulge means that that spot is collecting water and will burst, making a bigger mess than you have already. To prevent this from bursting unexpectedly, poke a hole in the bulge yourself several times with a screwdriver and have a bucket underneath it to collect the water that will spill out of it. If left unattended, the bulge might spread and cause more damage to your home. 

My Roof is Leaking--What Should I Do?

Call insurance your company

As soon as you’re able, you should call your insurance company if your home sustained substantial damage from the leak in your roof. Your insurance company will let you know if you are able to receive coverage for this damage.

Roof repairs 

Finally, you will want to seek out a professional roofing contractor to come to assess the state of your roof. The contractor will give you an estimate on how much it will cost to fix and repair it, which should be done as soon as possible before more moisture can leak through the roof. Your roof may need minimal repairs or, worse, a complete replacement. Contact roof repair professionals to remedy your situation and maintain your roof. 

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