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Why Get Roofing Insurance

Why you should get Calgary roofing insurance

One of the essential parts of any home is the roof, which provides structural protection from the natural elements. When you have a properly installed roof on your home, you can subsequently be protected from rain, hail, snow, and animals from entering your home and destroying your belongings. It is well known that Canada endures a variety of weather extremities that are liable to damage your home and your roof. Because of inevitable damages that will inflict on your roof and expose your home to hazardous factors, some homeowners invest in roofing insurance. 

Find out all the information you need about Calgary roofing insurance and why homeowners should need to inquire about their insurance to offset the costly roofing damages.

Find out what your home insurance covers

When you notice damage has been sustained on your roof, you will want to examine the intricacies of your homeowner’s policy. Sift through this information to find out what roof coverage it provides. Upon looking at the copy of your home insurance, you have roof insurance that will be able to be used to repair any roofing damage. There are typically two types of roof insurance that are offered, either roof replacement coverage or repair coverage. Repair coverage can reimburse a homeowner a percentage of the repairs they pay out of pocket, while roof replacement will provide coverage for any roof in complete disrepair. Of course, any homeowner’s particular insurance policy will depend on many factors, including the home’s location and how the damage was caused. 

Age of a roof

Before you receive your roof insurance claim, other factors will determine how much money you’ll receive. According to insurance experts, the age of the home and roof will ultimately depend on the amount you receive for roof replacement or repair. If your roof in its current state is less than ten years of age, most home insurance companies in Canada will fully cover all costs of damages. If your roof is over ten, your home insurance company might only cover the depreciated costs. This means that your home insurance will determine the cost you will receive based on the condition of your roof over ten years old. 

Document the damage

To get the most out of your roofing insurance, it is advisable to document the damage done on your roof as soon as you can. Take photos of the visible damage that may have also bled into the interior of your home. Retrieve the dates and time of a storm that damaged your home and when it arrived in your location. Collect these documents and contact your insurance company to see what the subsequent next steps are. 

Hire reputable roofing companies

Once you submit your claim to your home insurance provider, you should find a roofing company that has extensive experience and a good reputation to do a thorough inspection. If you don’t hire a Calgary roofing company to do the inspection for you, your insurance provider could send someone on their behalf to do it. An insurance provider’s inspector might seek out any reason to deny your claim because they work for the insurance provider. For this reason, finding and hiring a roofing company will help you document all you need to receive a roofing insurance claim is best. 

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