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Why Get Roofing Insurance?

Roofing is a thriving industry, as there will never be a shortage of new buildings being constructed or older homes in need of shingle replacements. This can be an attractive prospect for contractors looking for a steady income.

However, it should be noted that roofing can be a hazardous job as well. Roofing contractors and their employees are at high risk for mishaps on the job site, resulting in injury or property damage.

While it’s nice to be optimistic, it’s important to plan for the worse. Therefore, roofing contractor insurance is critical for roofing companies.

But what exactly is roofing insurance, and what can it do for you?

Let’s take a look.

Understanding Roofing Insurance

Is Roofing Insurance Necessary?

First and foremost, getting roofing insurance for your business is not an option. Roofing contractors are not permitted to replace, install, remove, or repair shingles or the rest of the roofing system without being fully covered first.

How Can Roofing Insurance Help Your Business?

Roofing insurance covers expenses related to third-party injuires or property damage. Accidents can happen on the job, so this insurance kicks in in the event of a lawsuit or accident claim.

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This is incredibly important for smaller businesses, as the insurance could protect them from going bankrupt or, at the very least, incurring large financial losses.

Insurance will also cover litigation and court costs. If a client is unsatisfied with the end roofing result, they have the right in Canada to file a lawsuit. Even if the contractor feels there is no validity behind this claim, the case will still go to court. Between lawyers and potential settlement costs, your business could be looking at thousands of dollars.

How Does A Roofing Insurance Policy Look Like?

Ultimately, roofing insurance can be customized to fit your business. Elements like the number of employees, years of experience, and project types will influence the size of your policy. 

Roofing insurance policies can range anywhere from $500 to $2 million.

Disregarding the key element that roofing insurance is mandatory, it can be safely argued that roofing insurance protects you and your business. While adding another expense to your business isn’t an idea anyone looks forward to, it could save you thousands of dollars down the road, while also giving you that peace of mind.

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