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When is The Best The Best Time To Replace Your Roof

Missing shingles and leaks are sure signs it’s time to replace your roof, but waiting until you have a major problem can lead to more expensive repairs. Instead, plan ahead and replace your roof when it should be replaced. But when is the best time for roof replacement?

Time of Year for Roof Replacement

Winter is a poor choice for replacing your roof. The harsh weather makes it difficult for a Calgary roofing company to complete the job and interferes with the ability of their tools and materials to function properly.

Spring provides moderate temperatures that are ideal for roofing, but if your roof needs to be replaced it’s usually better to do it in the fall before the winter weather causes further damage.

Early summer is another good time to replace a roof, but as temperatures climb, it becomes less ideal. Hot temperatures make the work unpleasant and affect Calgary roofing materials.

Fall offers ideal temperatures for roofers and Calgary roofing materials, making this a prime time of year for replacing a roof.

Busy Times for a Calgary Roofing Company

The ideal weather of late summer and fall combined with the coming of winter make this a busy time of year for a Calgary roofing company. This can make it difficult to schedule a roof replacement, and sometimes companies raise their prices during this period of high demand.

Don’t Wait for a Calgary Roofing Emergency

Watch for signs that your roof needs to be replaced and don’t wait until you have a roofing emergency. Having time to plan ahead lets you schedule your replacement for a time that works well for you and the roofing company.

Avoid trying to replace your roof during times that are too busy, too cold, or too hot. Plan ahead to schedule with a roofing company at an ideal time.

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